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1.     Перекласти речення  українською мовою :
In this chapter we first present the structure of the bipolar transistor and show how a three-layer structure with alternating n-type and p-type regions can provide current and voltage amplification. We then present the ideal transistor model and derive an expression for the current gain in the forward active mode of operation. Next, we discuss the non-ideal effects, the modulation of the base width and recombination in the depletion region of the base-emitter junction. A discussion of transit time effects, BJT circuit models, HBTs, BJT technology and bipolar power devices completes this chapter.
    We will primarily discuss the n-type or n-channel MOSFET. This type of MOSFET is fabricated on a p-type semiconductor substrate. The complementary MOSFET is the p-type or p-channel MOSFET. It contains p-type source and drain regions in an n-type substrate. The inversion layer is formed when holes are attracted to the interface by a negative gate voltage. While the holes still flow from source to drain, they result in a negative drain current. CMOS circuits require both n-type and p-type devices.
    Mixed-signal integration and power management have taken on added importance now that analog and mixed analog-digital ICs have become the fastest-growing segment of the semiconductor industry. Integration strategies for multimedia consoles, cellular telephones and battery-powered portables are being developed, as well as applications for less integrated but highly specialized building blocks that serve multiple markets. These building blocks include data converters, demodulators, filters, amplifiers and voltage regulators.
When deciding which type of RAM to use, a system designer must consider access time and cost. SRAM devices offer extremely fast access times (approximately four times faster than DRAM) but are much more expensive to produce. Generally, SRAM is used only where access speed is extremely important. A lower cost-per-byte makes DRAM attractive whenever large amounts of RAM are required. Many embedded systems include both types: a small block of SRAM (a few kilobytes) along a critical data path and a much larger block of DRAM (perhaps even Megabytes) for everything else.
    RAM is short for Random Access Memory, and comes from hardware components wired into or attached to the motherboard, the main circuit board of your computer. RAM is used to run certain basic programs and functions that your computer needs to operate correctly, and functions only while the computer is receiving power. Programs you're using are written in RAM temporarily while the computer is processing them. Think of RAM as a playing field, a large open area where your programs function. Each program takes up a certain amount of space; the field can accommodate one or several different programs at one time, but its capacity is limited. When you shut down a program, it disappears from RAM and (ideally) the space it occupied can be reused. Sometimes some operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, won't relinquish the RAM space even when a program is closed. However, because stuff in the RAM is retained only while the computer is powered up, turning it off will always clear the RAM.
2.     Поставити по 2 запитання до кожного абзацу попереднього завдання.
3.     Виписати  з перших 2 абзаців першого завдання  дієслова і визначити їх часову форму.
4.     Перекласти текст англійською мовою:
 Биполярный транзистор - это  полупроводниковый прибор, который
    обычно используется для усиления сигналов. Этот прибор может усиливать как аналоговые, так и  цифровые сигналы.
    Он может переключать постоянные токи или работать как  генератор. С физической точки зрения любой биполярный транзистор усиливает токи, но он также моржет работать в схемах, предназначенных для усиления напряжения или мощности.
5.     Перекласти словосполучення англійською мовою:
Відповідна полярність, заборонена зона, валентна зона, зона провідності, основні носії, шароподібна структура легованого напівпровідникового матеріалу, схема з загальним витоком, схема з загальним затвором, прямо зміщений перехід, зворотно зміщений перехід, керований струмом пристрій, кремнієвий біполярний транзистор, польовий транзистор з вбудованим каналом.

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